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How (and Why) to Do Live Video. Webinar with Jessika Philips

Video has gone a long way since it was invented in 1889. From silent movies to television to social media: the faster you share the information, the better. In 2013 it was video on Instagram, in 2018 it’s live video.

Why and how to do live videos?

What are the best practices and tools to use when going live?

We asked Jessika Philips, a social media strategist and the founder of Now Marketing Group, to share her expertise on the topic.

How Social Media Brought Livestream to the Mainstream

It’s all about marketing and how we started marketing for brands. When we think about marketing in its past tense, it was one-way speak. Marketers would just blast messages out asking people to pay attention. Very much interruption.

As they were getting interrupted in their favorite TV shows with commercials, most people started tuning out. They started kicking out all the ways of being interrupted. With television, it was switching to platforms like Netflix that don’t have commercials at all.

The bottom line is that people just wanted to experience what they are trying to connect with.

18-24-year-olds don’t even watch the TV that much.


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