YouTube Thumbnail Downloader

Get the perfect YouTube thumbnail to go with your videos. YouTube thumbnail downloader takes out all the hassle, so you can focus on working on the best possible output. With a couple simple steps on this intuitive tool, you’ll be on your way to achieving the objectives you’ve set for the video.

Why Do You Need YouTube Thumbnail Downloader?

  • Web-based downloader

    Web-based downloader

    Download YouTube thumbnails without leaving your browser at any point. Load the YouTube thumbnail downloader on, paste the YouTube video link and download it to your device.
    No need to install additional tools or have special equipment. A working browser on a PC and an internet connection are all you need.
  • Easy-to-use interface

    Easy-to-use interface

    Go from copied YouTube video link to video thumbnail on your device in one swoop. Intuitively designed workflows ensure you won’t have trouble figuring out how the tool works.
  • Unlimited downloads

    Unlimited downloads

    Have as many takes as you’d like. Thumbnail doesn’t seem right. Try again; there are no user limits. However, you might want to sign up for a free account or upgrade to access advanced capabilities and receive updates regarding tool improvements.

How to Download a YouTube Thumbnail:

  • Step One: Copy the YouTube video link

    Step One: Copy the YouTube video link

    Navigate to the YouTube video you’d like to source the thumbnail. Ideally, you should have the right to use the video.
    If you’re browsing on a computer, simply copy the link on the browser tab. On mobile, tap on more options (usually, three bottoms on the right corner of your screen), select the share option and copy the YouTube video link.

  • Step Two: Paste the URL

    Step Two: Paste the URL

    Open a new tab on your browser and navigate to the YouTube thumbnail downloader on Alternatively, click here to go directly to the tool.
    Scroll down and paste the link to the allocated space. The tool will automatically generate an appropriate thumbnail for your video.
    You can also hit the “Save and edit” button if you want to customize the YouTube video or host it for free on

  • Step Three: Download the YouTube Thumbnail

    Step Three: Download the YouTube Thumbnail

    Hit the download button to export. You’ll get YouTube thumbnail on your device’s download section.
    Feel free to use the video editor to add the thumbnail on any video.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can YouTube thumbnails be 1920 × 1080?
Yes, you can use 1920 × 1080p thumbnails on your YouTube channel. However, this is not the ideal recommended size, and the thumbnail may appear pixelated, which may run counter to visual appeal objectives.
1280 × 720p is most suitable, and YouTube recommends it.
Can I copy a YouTube thumbnail image?
Yes, simply navigate to the YouTube thumbnail image, right-click, and select “Save As” from the dropdown menu. Choose a location on your device where you want to save it and confirm your selection.
Should you copy a YouTube thumbnail image, though? If you have the right to it, then go ahead. However, if it’s copyrighted material that you have no use or modification rights to, either seek permission first or don’t copy the YouTube thumbnail unless you’re looking for a lawsuit.
Can YouTube thumbnails be copyrighted?
A YouTube thumbnail generated is, by extension, legally tied to the source video. YouTube has a policy prohibiting the use of copyrighted materials on the platform without the owner’s permission.
The same goes for the YouTube thumbnails you own. Once you’ve created thumbnails from your YouTube videos, they’re essentially your intellectual property, and as a brand or an individual, only you and those you’ve granted permission to can use the YouTube thumbnail.
How can I animate YouTube thumbnails?
Using a video editor. Load the YouTube thumbnail on a video editor of choice, and add necessary elements and effects. Finally, download the output as a GIF.
Try animating YouTube thumbnails on It’s not only powerful and easy to use but also free to all users.
How can I download YouTube thumbnail?
First, you need to determine the best YT thumbnail downloader according to your needs and preference.
Next, copy the YouTube video’s link, paste it on the YouTube thumbnail downloader and hit the download button to export the thumbnail to your device.
Are YouTube downloaders legal?
Yes. YouTube downloaders are perfectly legal. How they’re used is open to different legal interpretations.
First, downloading YouTube videos breaches the platform’s user policy; however, this isn’t illegal. Your YouTube account may be suspended, or the tech giant could sue you. A lawsuit by YouTube is highly unlikely but still a possibility.
Most governments, including the US government, prohibit unauthorized access or duplication of copyrighted material, so if you use any YouTube downloader, including, ensure you have all the rights to use and duplicate the video.
Alternatively, you can download copyleft, creative commons or public domain content.