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Find free stock footage on just about any topic in the build-in stock media library. Create beautiful video stories with free videos and images. Set your creativity free with

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Millions of free stock footage and images

Browse the bounty of stock videos and images. Pick visuals that fit your story best. subscription is all you need to have tons of beautiful media at your fingertips.

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Impressive selection of royalty-free music

Choose the perfect soundtrack for your videos from over 300,000 royalty-free licensed audio tracks. Make your videos sound good with the right tune.

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Combine stock footage with your own media

Mix-and-match stock videos with your own recordings. online editor comes with transitions, effects, rich text editor, layouts and everything else you need for a masterpiece.

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Turn stock footage into unique
branded videos in minutes

Powerful yet easy-to-use editing toolkit to make superb videos like a pro.

  • Find free stock footage on any topic

    Explore millions of free stock videos and images using convenient search tool and filters. Find the best matching assets for your video project right inside the editor. By the way, you can upload your own media, too.

  • Retouch videos using filters

    Want your video to look classy or high-tech? Apply filters to give it a distinct style.

  • Add your very own logos and watermarks

    Boost brand recognition and consistency. Upload your logo and keep it handy to convert stock footage into your branded video content.

  • Resize videos to 30+ formats

    Instantly adjust videos to the most popular formats. Get ready-to-post content for all platforms in a snap.

Use video templates to kick-start the video production

We made hundreds of video templates that you can customize to your industry or use case. All stock videos, images and tunes are replaceable inside the templates. Just swap the media and get a brand-new video.

Uh oh, here are some more features that you’ll like

  • Wrap stock videos with beautiful layouts
    Wrap stock videos with beautiful layouts

    Video collages and circle videos? Sure! Outstanding design made simple with a collection of layouts.

  • Apply transitions that wow
    Apply transitions that wow

    Combine multiple stock videos into one compelling story by adding transitions between the scenes.

  • Animate text message with dozens of effects
    Animate text message with dozens of effects

    Add text to your video to convey your message. Drag, scale and rotate the text box. Use different fonts, colors and styles.

  • Spice up your clips with GIFs and stickers
    Spice up your clips with GIFs and stickers

    Emotions are what drives customer purchase decisions. Add a splash of emotions to videos with animated GIFs & stickers.

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What our customers say

Michael Keshen
The biggest difference was the integration with stock footage, images and audio, which I have not seen anywhere else. solves the biggest challenge we were facing, which was where to find the footage to use in our videos.
Michael Keshen

B2C Marketing Manager, HomeStars

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Find the best matching stock footage for your videos

  • Start with inspiration

    Start with inspiration
    It might be difficult to start searching for a stock video or image with a blank search field in front of you. Instead, look for inspiration on YouTube or elsewhere. Also, many creative platforms have ready-made templates to help users overcome the Blank Canvas Syndrome.

  •  Shift from literal to aspirational

    Shift from literal to aspirational
    Before starting to look for a perfect stock video clip, take some time to think about the type of imagery that inspires your audience. Pivot from a literal to an aspirational approach to find content that evokes the right feeling about your brand while keeping people’s attention.

  • Be exact in your search

    Be exact in your search
    When you search for free stock footage, try to be as exact as possible in your search. This might yield fewer results than casting a wider net. However, the video clips and images that you find will be more relevant to what you are looking for.

  • Look for clips in the same video series

    Look for clips in the same video series
    If you’ve found a video clip you like, it’s a good idea to look to explore the portfolio of the videographer who created it. Using stock footage from the same shooting can help you tell a coherent story.

  • Use the power of allegory and metaphor

    Use the power of allegory and metaphor
    If you’re looking for stock video clips that show universal concepts like love or peace, you can think allegorically and conduct a search for “hearts” and “doves” respectively. On the other hand, metaphors are useful for concretizing abstract ideas.

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