In order to add a GIF or sticker to your videos, head over to the step "Overlays & Stickers" in the menu on the left-hand side.

You will see all the available stickers on the right. If you want to add an animated GIF, simply switch the tab at the top to "Giphy". You can then type in your search term in the search field. 

Don't forget to scroll down: there are a lot of stickers and GIFs available in

Once you've added a GIF or sticker to your video, you will see it on the canvas (basically, on top of your video). You will also see a little preview of the sticker/GIF on the timeline, on the scene that you added it to.

In order to adjust the duration (how long the GIF/sticker is going to show on your video), simply drag the frame along the timeline.

Adjusting GIF/sticker on the canvas

Here are the options you have for customizing the way your stickers and GIFs look on the video:

1. Rotate GIF/sticker
2. Scale its size

3. Move graphics forward. That's helpful when you want to rearrange the way the graphics or text are displayed.
4. Move graphics backward.

How to delete a GIF/sticker

If you want to delete a GIF or sticker from the scene, you can either click the X sign on the frame on the timeline...

or delete it from the canvas itself (from your video clip or image) by clicking the Bin icon.

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