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Terms of use. What to do and what not to
Terms of use. What to do and what not to

What can you be charged for? Can you resell your videos? Is it possible to download stock asset? Check this article to get the answers!

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Here you’ll find a shortened version of our terms of use. Feel free to contact support in case you’ll have any questions.

What we consider to be a fair use of services:

  1. Post your videos on social media platforms, blogs, your personal website (Paragraph 4)

  2. Sell the videos you’ve made to your clients if you have a Business or Agency subscription (Paragraph 4)

  3. Share your Business or Agency account credentials with your colleagues and teammates

For what you might be charged additionally:

  1. Premium assets in our library. See the article about the Media library.

  2. Bandwidth, embedded videos, and storage consumed over-limit in the Business plan.

  3. Transcribe (voice to text) used over limit. Also available for the Business plan only.

  4. All extra fees are calculated per month and paid per month.

Please don’t do this:

  1. Use other person’s credentials to use (Paragraph 1)

  2. Render or grab stock videos and images to reuse them in other projects (Paragraph 4)

  3. Broadcast your videos with stock assets anywhere outside online platforms. Our licensing doesn’t cover TV broadcasts. However, you can do this if you used your own content or have granted permission from the copyright owner

  4. Resell access to your account to other people (Paragraph 6, clause “o”)

  5. Host videos that have inappropriate content, offend other groups of people, violate copyright laws (Paragraph 4)

How can we react to the violation of our terms of use:

  1. We can delete your content

  2. Or delete your account permanently (Paragraph 2)

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