Wave.video streaming studio is a great tool not only for live streams. You can record webinars, talking-head videos, and a video to greet your friends and relatives on special occasions in the studio.

To start the recording, you should set your stream. Follow our guide:

  1. In the left-side menu, go to the My streams section;

  2. Click on the New stream button;

  3. Title the video;

  4. Enter the studio;

  5. Click on the red Start recording button.

Note: When you are inside the studio, before you start recording, remember to prepare the scenes, layouts, and all media that you might need. Of course, you can add it while recording, but it is better to be prepared to look more professional.

To know more about scenes, read How to work with scenes in Live Studio. In this article, you'll learn how you can create scenes, manage them, and have fun in the studio.

After you have finished the video recording, it will be stored in My Streams, so you can always return to it and edit with the Wave.video video editing tool.

Read more about pre-recorded and recorded content:

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