How to set a password for your videos

Learn how to protect your videos with a password

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When you host videos with, you can set a password for your videos. This way, people will only be able to watch the video after they enter the password.

Here's how to do it.

Step 1. Head over to the video Dashboard and switch to the step "Password".

Step 2. Toggle on the switch "Require password for viewing".

Step 3. Type in the message that you want to show in the video.

This message explains to your viewers what they need to do in order to continue watching the video. By default it reads "Please enter the password to watch this video". You can change the wording if you need to.

Step 4. Enter the password for the video.
You can choose any combination of symbols for the password.

That's it! Now every time a person wants to watch the video, they will need to enter the password.

How is this feature helpful

Setting a password for your videos comes in handy when you want to restrict who exactly can watch your videos. 

For instance, if you gate your video content in exchange for an email, etc.

It's also a good way to limit the views if the video is confidential.

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