How to make video ads

Learn how to make video ads in minutes. Use creative video ad templates. Easily switch from landscape to square and four more popular video formats.

How to make a video ad in 4 easy steps

Step 1. Choose a video clip

Upload your video or choose from the library of 300 million professional clips and images. If you do not have a video clip ready, no worries: you have access to the rich library of stock video clips about anything with

Step 2. Switch the format

Depending on the platform that you are making the video ad for, consider changing the video format to square, vertical or Instagram Stories. It's easy to do this with just switch the format.

Step 3. Style up your video ad

For best results, you might want to add text to your video. This is especially important for video ads for social, as lots of people view videos on mute. To spice up your video, add beautiful text effects and transitions.

Step 4. Download and share

Once you've finished making your video ad, head over to the Publish tab and download the video to your computer. You can then upload it to Facebook Ads Manager, AdWords, or any other advertising platform.

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Lilach Bullock
Another big plus of using It’s incredibly easy to use. Once you get the hang of the tool, you can create a short video in under five minutes – it’s that quick.
Lilach Bullock

Professional Speaker, Lead Conversion Expert, Content Marketing & Outreach Specialist