All music provided in the library is royalty-free. This means that you may use it as you see fit, including videos that you create for third parties. You have all the rights to use the music in your videos, and there is no violation of copyright.

However, when you upload a video that contains stock music to YouTube, sometimes you might receive a 'Copyright Claim' warning. This happens because social networks (YouTube included) have automatic checks set up to file claims if the content that is not from the public domain is detected.

How to Clear a Claim

Navigate to the Youtube Whitelist page in your profile. Here you need to add YouTube Channel ID (or multiple IDs). In 30 minutes the claim will be removed.

We can clean most of the claims at the first step. However, sometimes it’s not enough. If this is your case, please file a dispute form. It might take more time (up to 72 hours) but will work for sure.

Nothing helps, what should I do?

Don’t give up! If our tools don’t help for some reason please contact support and provide:

  1. Youtube URL

  2. Project URL

  3. Claimant name

  4. Stock ID

We’ll contact our content provider to remove a claim manually.

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