In, you can crop your video clip or image. This feature works both for your own video clips/images that you upload to the video maker and the ones you choose from the built-in stock video library.

What does it mean to crop my video or image?

If you "crop" your video/image, it means that you remove unwanted areas from it. This may involve cutting some of the image/video from any of the sides.

In order to crop the video clip/image, head over to the step "Edit", switch to the tab "Video" and click the button "Crop".

When you crop the video/image, will automatically add a plain colored background. You can change the color of the background or zoom in the video clip/image so that it takes up the whole frame.

You can always set your image/video size back to the original by heading over to the Crop feature and simply dragging the frame to the initial size.

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