Imagine: you chose a perfect background video or image in, added your text and logo to it... and then realized you want to change the media asset to something different.

No worries: in, you can easily replace the background image or video without the necessity to start creating your project all over again. Here's how.

What is a background video or image?

In, when creating a video, you can first select a video clip or image that will server as a background. You can either search the built-in stock footage library or upload your own media assets. Learn more about creating your first video here.

How do I replace a video or image?

In order to replace the media asset, head over to the step "Edit", switch to the tab "Image" (or "Video", depending on what you have as a background) and click the button "Replace".

You will end up on the step "Add stocks & uploads" where you can search for a new video clip/image in the stock library or upload your own media assets.

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