How do I add text to my video?

Get your message across by adding a text message to your videos

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Adding text to your video helps you get your message across, even when the viewers watch the video with the sound off. In, you can do just that!

In order to add a text to your video, mouse over the timeline and click + Text

This will add a text block with a default text "Your message" to your video clip or image. You can then change the message to the one you need. In order to delete the default message, you don't need to select the whole text. Simply push the Backspace button on the keyboard.

You can add another text line underneath the one you have on your video. In order to do that, simply click the icon "Add line of text" that you can see when you select the text on video. You can add up to 21 lines of text on one video clip/image.

Another way to add a text block to your video is to click the "Copy" button on the timeline which will duplicate your scene:

How to define the time limit for text

In order to define how long your text message stays on the screen, simply drag the frame along the timeline. Like this:

For instance, if you want your text to stay on the screen for 3 seconds, drag the frame along to the 3 second mark.

How to delete text

In order to delete text from video, simply click the bin icon:

You can also delete a text block by clicking the trash on the timeline:

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