What is a white label preview?

With the white label preview, you can show a project you created to your clients and get their approval before buying it. The Wave.video logo will not be shown in the project.

Basically, Wave.video will generate a link for you that you can send to your customers or use elsewhere. At this link, they will be able to watch the video created in Wave.video. However, no Wave.video logos will be shown there.

Why is the white label preview helpful?

With the white label preview, you can send your video project to your customers and get their approval. This functionality is especially helpful when the video includes some premium assets that you need to purchase separate. 

With the white label preview, you save money on approving the video design first, and only then purchasing the assets that you need. Learn more about the premium vs standard media assets here

You also don't need to download the video every time you need to make some edits. Simply generate a new link and send it to your customers. 

The white label preview feature is available with the Business subscription plan. Learn more about our pricing options here.

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