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Make your video more engaging by adding animated effects to your text message

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To make your video more engaging and eye-catching, you can add animated effects to the text messages you put on your video.

Once you've added text to your video, head over to the instruments panel and look for the drop-down menu "Text Effect".

There are 23 text animation effects available in You can also remove the text effect by choosing the option "None" in the drop-down menu.

Here's what every text animation looks like:

1. Simple appear

2. Appear by symbol

3. Appear by word

4. Slide with border. You can set the color of the border in the inspector panel.

5. Swipe from top, bottom, right, and left

6. Entrance

7. Zoom in and Scale down

8. Glossy entrance, Slide down, Type, Swipe by word, Slide from stripes, Frame, Glossy slide, Transparent text, Top stripe, Curtain, Circle, and Stomp

NB: if you have two and more lines of text in your video, some effects (Slide with border, Glossy entrance, Slide from stripes, Frame, Top stripe, and Stomp) become unavailable when you ungroup the text lines. 

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