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GIFs and stickers in overview
GIFs and stickers in overview

What is the difference between a GIF and a sticker?

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In, you can add GIFs and stickers to your videos. This way, you can make them more engaging, customized, and attractive to your audience. People use GIFs and emojis regularly on social and in their everyday communication. Make them see you speak their language by adding an emotional touch when using GIFs and animated stickers.

What is a GIF and sticker in

A GIF (Graphic Interchange Format) is like an animated little image. You can add it on top of your video, to explain your idea better or give it an additional emotional touch.

Here, the pencil, notepad, and the man are all GIFs
A sticker is very similar to GIF. Basically, stickers in are emoji-like, but animated. Think of it as adding an emoji to your videos, just like you would do with Instagram Stories.

The heart icon is an animated sticker

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