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How to trim your video before uploading it to
How to trim your video before uploading it to

In case you need to shorten your video before the upload, here's a quick guide

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When uploading your video to, you might have seen this notification:

"Unfortunately, we can’t upload your video clip because it exceeds 100Mb."

Here's how you can trim your clip and make it shorter before uploading it to

Use QuickTime on Mac
If you're on Macbook, perhaps, trimming your video with QuickTime might be the easiest option. Simply open your video in QuickTime, then go to Edit >> Trim. That's it!

Use iMovie on Mac
Another way to trim your video on Mac is by using iMovie to trim your videos. It's free and pretty easy to use.

Use Windows Movie Maker on Windows

On Windows, you can use Windows Movie Maker to trim your video clip. Here's how.

Cut your video for length with Ezgif

Simply upload your video to the website and cut it for the parts you need.

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