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Learn how to record a voiceover for your video right inside the editor

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In, you can record a voiceover right in the editor, when creating your video.

Click on the audio track and select Record Voice:

Voiceover 7 Steps

  1. Click the Microphone

  2. Click Record Voice

  3. Speak after the countdown

  4. When you are finished, click the black square

  5. Listen to playback by clicking the black arrow

If you are not happy with your voiceover click the red REC button to record over your original

When you are happy with your voiceover

6. Click Add Voice

Be patient and allow time for uploading

7. Place your voiceover where you would like it in your video by moving it left or right

Just like with other audio files, you will be able to trim the voiceover piece, change its volume and add a fade in/fade out effect.

Your voiceover files can be found in your Uploads

In your Uploads you can rename your files and move them into folders or subfolders that you have created.


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