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How to make a video listicle in
How to make a video listicle in

Learn how to create a video listicle

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Video listicles are a great way to share the information in a visual way. They are popular for a number of reasons:

  1. The viewers know what to expect. If the video title says "5 Ways to Bake an Apple Cake", it's clearly understandable what the video is going to speak about. 

  2. Video listicles give a clear structure. Our brain loves it when things are in order. A video listicle is just as organized as it can get with video.

  3. They combine two popular content formats. A video listicle is like a short article married to video. Together, they make wonders.

How to create a video listicle in

Watch this short 5-minute tutorial to see how you can create a video listicle in

Creating a video listicle in is fairly easy. Here are the steps you'll need to take:

  1. Set a video or image background.

  2. Add text to your video.

  3. Add text effects to make your video more dynamic.

  4. Duplicate the text tiles. This will help you keep the consistent look of the video.

  5. Download and share.

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