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What Does Embedding a Video Mean?
What Does Embedding a Video Mean? hosting feature allows you to embed videos wherever you want. Add videos to your website, blog, articles, or any other platform.

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What is an embedded video?

For any video that you host with, you can allow embedding. This means that when the embedding link is turned on, you will be able to add the video to your website, blog, articles, or any other 

In order to allow embedding for a certain video, you will first need to go to My Videos, find a video that you want to embed and hover over the three dots icon. Then, click on Player.

Embed your videos to various digital platforms.

Here, you will need to open the tab Embed. Then, turn on the embed link by simply switching on the toggle Embed video.

Check out the embedding settings to make the player look unique.

How can I then add the video to my website?

Once you turn on the option "Embed video" for a specific video, you can then grab the embed code and paste it onto your website or blog. The video will be displayed exactly as you see in the preview.

How are embedded videos counted?

A video is counted as "embedded" when you toggle on this option - "Embed this video". This is counted as 1 embedded video.

Once you turn this option on, you can then embed the videos in as many places as you need (e.g., your website, landing pages, blog posts, etc.). When you embed the video in different places, it's all counted just as one embedded video in


For instance, imagine you host five videos with For one of them, you turned on the embedding link (i.e., it's now possible to embed two out of these 5 videos). Then you embedded the video on the home page of your website and two different articles on your blog.

De facto, you embedded it in three different places (i.e., on three pages). However, in, it's still counted just as one embedded video because you only toggled on the embedding link for this one video.

How many videos can I embed?

Different plans allow for a different number of embedded videos. Check our subscription plans to find out more about the various pricing options.

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