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Embedding videos on your website
Embedding videos on your website

Learn how to add videos to your website with hosting.

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With hosting, you can upload and host your own videos as well as those that you make with editor.

In order to embed a video, you will need to generate an embed code for your video. 

What is an embed code?

An embed code is a piece of code that you can use to add video and other types of content to your website.

In order to generate an embed code, you will first need to go to My Videos, find a video that you want to embed, and hover over the three dots icon. Then, click on "Player".

Here, you will need to open the tab "Embed". Then, turn on the embed link by simply switching on the toggle "Embed video":

After that, will automatically generate an embed code for the video. You will be able to find it below the toggle and video size settings, in the Embed Code section:

To copy the code, click the button "Copy Code" or select the code and copy it manually.

Then go to your website or blog and paste the code to where you want the video to appear. 

Here's an example of how an embedded video looks on a web page:

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