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How to cancel my subscription?
How to cancel my subscription?

Learn if and how you can cancel your subscription

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If you decide doesn't meet your needs or you simply don't need the product any longer, you can cancel your subscription anytime.

In order to cancel your subscription, hover over your profile pic (you can find it in the upper right corner) and then choose the option "Subscription".

Here under the tab "Subscription" you can find the option "Cancel subscription":

You will see the cancellation dialog when you click the Cancel subscription link. Check the checkbox and confirm cancellation.

Once you cancel, your subscription will stay active till the end of the already paid period (month or year depending on subscription type). When the paid period is over, the subscription won't renew automatically.

If you don't mind us asking, why did you decide to cancel your subscription? Please fill out this short survey to let us know how we can improve πŸ™

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