There are several ways how you can add your own logo to your videos in One of them is adding a call-to-action to each scene.

When you click the frame "Add call to action", a default call to action will be added to your video. This default message contains a place for you to add your own logo.

If you don't want to add a logo at the end of the scene, simply remove the CTA box from the timeline. You can do it by clicking the X sign on the CTA block:

You can also choose not add a logo to the CTA block. In this case, only the text will be displayed, like this:

If you just want to add text to your video, I suggest that you add another text block to the timeline. To copy the style from the previous block, click the icon "Copy":

NB: you don't necessarily need to add a call to action to your clip. Simply ignore this suggestion if you don't want to add a logo at the end of your video.

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