A video hosting is a powerful feature that allows you to host the videos you create in or upload to Wave.video. You can then embed them on landing pages, blog posts, or share directly via a link.

Example of an embedded video

Video hosting from Wave.video offers a number of great features that you can use to boost your video marketing efforts.

  1. Customizable player. Give your videos the look and feel you want. Brand your hosted videos by selecting a custom color for the video player.

  2. Ad-free hosting. Avoid showing ads and irrelevant content 

  3. Customizable video controls. You can define whether you want to show a big play button, play time, and other control options on your video. You can make it look minimalistic by removing all controls or give your customers the ability to take full control of their watching experience.

  4. Video landing pages. You can send your customers a direct link to a hosted video or share it on social media. 

  5. Protect your videos with a password. Set a password for your videos and control the access to your video content.

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