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How to customize a video template
How to customize a video template

Learn to turn video templates into your own branded content

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Updated over a week ago offers an extensive library of video templates that you can edit to create pro-looking videos quicker and easier.

1. Select the template

Go to the Templates page and see the full collection of ready-to-use videos that you can customize to your liking and needs.

NOTE: All contents inside the templates such as clips, tunes, texts, and images are replaceable, so there is no need to look for a perfectly matching template.

Pick up a template that you like the best and hit Edit Template.

2. Remove or add scenes

On the timeline, you'll see all scenes that comprise the template. You can remove the unwanted parts, or otherwise, duplicate them to add identically designed scenes.

3. Replace the footage

1) Click on the footage to activate it and choose a replace location.

2) Stock Library allows you to browse and find images and clips for your video.

To find the best option, use the search bar on top and filters on the left.

You can also upload your own assets. This option is available from the top bar menu.

3) Adjust the footage to the frame. You can drag-n-drop the image to find the best position, as well as zoom it in or out.

3. Edit the text message

Activate the text editor by clicking on the text box. Replace the sample text with your own message. You can use the usual keyboard shortcuts to copy and paste the text.

On the right, you'll find a whole range of text editing features where you can

  • change fonts

  • adjust the size

  • set text colors and decoration

  • change text alignment

  • apply text animation effects.

4. Customize the color scheme

You can also change the color of the video background and other elements of the layout. For instance, set your brand color to make your video content compliant with the brand guidelines.

5. Publish, Render, and share your video

Once your video looks good to you, go to the Publish tab on the right and complete rendering.

After that, you'll be able to use a variety of publishing options. Assess them from the menu you see on the screenshot or from the "My Videos" folders.

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