With Wave.video video landing page generator, every video that you create gets its own landing page. You can customize these landing pages so that they attract attention, are consistent with your brand, and convert leads into customers.

What can I change on my video landing page?

You can customize your video landing page by adding a title, description, call-to-action, and logo. You can also choose a layout and theme for your landing page.

Headline and body text

Headline and body text will be shown above the video on your video landing page. Type in the text and see the preview of the page on the right-hand side of the screen.

How to add a title and description to your video landing page

Call-to-action button

To add a clickable call-to-action (CTA) button, switch on the toggle "Call-to-action", then type in the test for the button. You can also add a link that the button is going to open when clicked.

set up a call to action on your video landing page

Adding URL parameters

To better track your landing page's performance, you can add UTM parameters to the URL of a call-to-action button. To do that, click the link "Show URL parameters" in the section Button link.

Here, you can set the standard UTM parameters: campaign source, medium, name, and content.

Example of UTM parameters set up for a URL


You can add your own logo to the video landing page. You can choose from the logos that you have previously uploaded to the video editor or upload a new one. To do that, click the + icon.

How to choose a logo for a video landing page

NB: you can choose logos from a brand that is currently selected. If you are on the Business plan and have set up several brands in your Wave.video account, you can switch between the brands by clicking "Change brand".

Read more about the different pricing plans here.

You can also choose to continue without a logo at all.


A layout is a way all the different elements - the logo, title, description, video, and a call-to-action - are organized on the video landing page.

There are 5 different layouts to choose from. Switch between them to see which layout suits your landing page best.

You can also choose to include the Wave.video footer on your page or not.


Similarly to the layout, a theme is a styling element for your video landing page. At the moment, you can choose between 12 different themes to style up your page.

Use different themes to style up your video landing page

Google tracking ID and Facebook pixel
Insert your Google tracking ID in order to tell Google Analytics which account and property to send data to. Learn more about Google tracking ID here.

Add a Facebook Pixel to the video landing page for retargeting campaigns.

Save the changes and go live

Make sure to save all the changes. Once you are happy with the way your video landing page is customized, toggle it on to make it public.

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