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How to create a "picture-in-picture" video
How to create a "picture-in-picture" video

In this article, you'll learn how to combine two visuals within one frame to get a picture-in-picture effect.

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Updated over a week ago editor comes with a collection of layouts that allow you to combine several video clips or images.

If you want to create a "picture-in-picture video", i.e. put one video on top of another, follow these steps:

  1. Start a new project.

    Click New video to launch a new project and select the needed format.

  2. Place the first video on the canvas.

    You can either upload your own footage or pick something relevant to your needs from the stock library.

  3. Select the picture-in-picture layout

    From the left-side menu, select the Layouts tab. On your right, find the collection of grids, frames and masks. Scroll down and see the Picture in picture section.

  4. Add the second video atop.

    Click on the layout preview to apply it.

    Click on the + icon to add the second video.

  5. Customize your picture-in-picture video.

    Your picture-in-picture video is ready. You can customize it further if needed.

    • Change the size and position of the top element

    • Change the color of the frame

    • Add text

  6. Preview and publish your picture-in-picture video.

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