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Branding your live streams: overlays, custom graphics, etc.
How to create and apply custom graphics for your live streams
How to create and apply custom graphics for your live streams

This article is about branded live streaming graphics and how to create them. Learn about intro/outros, countdowns, lower-thirds, etc.

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Updated over a week ago offers live streamers beautiful sets of pre-designed templates to enhance the visual aspect of their live shows.

Each style comprises essential elements for a successful live event:

  • Intro/Outro frames

  • Lower third graphics with a transparent background

  • Overlay frames for multiple speakers

  • Countdown animation

  • Backdrop images such as "Starting soon", "Be right back", "Technical issues"

  • Thumbnails for the video recording

  • Key takeaways and FAQs section, etc.

Why your live streams need branded graphics?

  • Special graphics make your broadcast look more professional;

  • It enables brand consistency across various channels

  • Live streaming graphics make your video recording more recognizable while post-event distribution

  • Backdrop graphics like "Starting soon", "Tech issues" and alike help you structure your broadcast and enhance the watching experience.

Where to find styles for live streaming

Live streaming styles live in a separate section of the templates page.

You can access the whole selection of the sets by choosing All styles or select a particular use case for your broadcast.

How to use a live streaming style

  1. Select the style

    Explore various sets and pick the one that better fits your brand, mood or theme. Click See all to check out all elements offered with this style.

2. Define the elements you need

Plan your live show in advance and define what graphics you need to create.

For example, you want these 3 elements for your live show.

  • An intro slide to display 5 minutes before the live show to introduce the speaker and the topic.

  • A countdown animation to warm up the audience's interest right before the start.

  • A "Key takeaways" overlay to visually support your summary speech in the end.

3. Access the Editor

Select the first template and launch the editor by clicking "Edit template"

5. Customize the template

Replace the placeholding texts and images with your information and media.

Use the text editing features to adjust the font, size position to your liking.

Navigate the inspector on the right to change the colors of the elements if you want.

NOTE: Make sure to remember the color codes you use - you'll need them for the other live streaming graphics.

6. Publish the project

Depending on the format required by your streaming software for this or that element, save your first creative by publishing it.

7. Customize other elements for your live stream

Go back to the template selection and open the next element in the editor.

Repeat the steps for other graphics keeping the same colors, fonts and other settings.

This way, you'll get your own kit for live shows.

You can add other elements and graphics, update for future broadcasts, use them for promotion and repurposing, etc.

8. Upload to the streaming platform

Export media in the needed format and upload them to the streaming platform you use.

Set these elements for your live show following the guidelines of the video streaming software.

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