You can easily control the time text will be shown on the screen with text delay feature. To use it, make sure the text has multiple lines in a single group:

  1. How to add a line

  2. How to group/ungroup a text

First, select your text group. The fastest way to do this is to click on the timeline:

If the text is grouped, you'll see the text delay parameter:

The selected value will be applied to all text lines. Each one will be shown with a specified delay after the previous line. The first line doesn't affected by text delay.

Important! The actual delay value depends on how long the text is displayed on the screen. We show 2 seconds as the max value.

What if I need to make a longer delay?

Make sure the text is shown for long enough, For instance, you can't use 2s delay with a text block that contains 4 lines and is displayed for 5 seconds. In this case, 1st line will be shown immediately, but other 3 require 6 seconds with this delay value. To make it work just extend the text block:

When it's done, just type the number (no “s” needed) and press “Enter”:

That's it!

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