Wave.video offers a wide selection of Layouts - a collection of frames, masks and grids - that allow you to combine several visuals within one scene.

Plus, it is now possible to export any frame of your video project as a static image.

All this gives makes it possible to create photo collages.

Here's how:

  • Starting from scratch

    • Launch a new project and select the format.

      The Layouts are designed in a way that they fit all video formats.

    • Add your first picture to the canvas.

      You can upload your own pictures and photos or browse the stock library. Or create a combination of custom and stock footage.

      Hover on the picture and click Add

    • Access the Layouts feature.

      From the left side menu, select the Layouts tab and explore the collection that will appear on the right.

    • Pick the grid.

      Depending on how many pictures you want to make the photo collage from, select the grid. Wave.video has options to combine up to 5 photos.

      Click on the layout thumbnail to apply it.

  • Complete your photo collage.

    Fill in the rest cells with photos by clicking on the + icon.

    There are several option of what you can do with each fragment:

    • Pick from the stock library,

    • Upload your own image,

    • Color the cell with a gradient or solid color

    • Or make it transparent

    You can use all the options at once to create a unique photo collage.

  • Finalize your photo collage.

    • You can change the colors of the frames. Click on the frame and pick a new color.

    • Complete your photo collage with text. On the timeline, click +Text and add your message.

    • Drag and drop the items to reorder them.

  • Publish your photo collage.

    Once your collage is ready, you can export it as a static image. Click the Publish button and select the needed option.

    Follow the instruction to save the photo collage to your computer.

2. Start from a template.

There is a great selection of pre-designed templates that you can use to create your collages.

You can pick the one you like the most and fill it in with your own footage and texts.

Click on the template, start editing and create your own beautiful photo collages. The steps will be similar to those described above.

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