How to upload my own font

Need to add a custom font? Follow this short guide!

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Adding your custom font is quite easy.

Use Brand Manager to add a font

The first way to do is with the Brand Manager.

  1. In any project click “Manage Brands”, it's in the upper toolbar:

  2. Here, click “Choose fonts”. In the opened window, upload any font.

Note, We support *.ttf, *.otf, *.woff

Add a font directly in the editor

It's super-easy. Literally 2 clicks!

  1. Open the editor and click on any text

  2. On the right you'll see the font drop-down menu, click it

  3. Find “Upload” button at the bottom!

An important notice

The number of fonts you can host depends on your subscription plan.

  • With Creator it's 1 font, 1 brand

  • With Business it's 100 fonts, 50 brands

  • Free users can't use custom fonts

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