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Guest's roles and permissions during live streams
Guest's roles and permissions during live streams

Learn about different stream roles and how you can grant permissions to your guests and teammates.

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Live streaming is not only about a spokesperson and infotaining valuable content. To make an engaging and visually appealing live video event, you need to think about multiple details and keep an eye on

  • overall visual appearance and branding;

  • timely content flow (i.e. shared screens and videos);

  • real-time communication with the audience.

It might be overwhelming for one person to handle it all, so it's a good idea to delegate some behind-the-scenes work to your peers.

As a live stream owner, you can assign different roles to broadcast participants.

For this, wait for your guest or teammate to join the broadcast and follow these steps:

1) Hover on the ••• icon on their preview. Select Permissions from the list.

2) You'll see a list of roles. It is quite self-explanatory though there's some more information about each role below.

Define what you want this participant to be able to do during the live stream.

Here's some more information about different roles.

  • Guest. Guests can only participate in the conversation.

  • Support. This role allows the assignee to help the host with comments. They can see comments and reply to them. Also, they can display comments on the screen so that they are visible to the audience.

  • Presenter. These persons can contribute to the broadcast content by adding their own media, switching between their cameras, changing the on-stream layout and showing their banners.

  • Co-Host. This person obtains all permissions that "Support" and "Presenter" have, plus they can also manage the guest list.

  • Admin. Admins get the same rights as the owner does.

3) Select the role that you want to give to a chosen person. Then click on the area outside this dialog and your preferences will be automatically updated.

4) Both you and your guest will see an info message about the new settings.

Here's what the host will see:

Here's what the guest will see:

Useful article:

  • Live Stream Guest Guide share this article with your guests when sending out the invitations. It will help them come prepared for your show.

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