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How to use several cameras during the live show

This guide tells you how to stream or record from multiple cameras

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Why use multiple cameras?

Indeed, why? You might have another speaker with you, or maybe you want to focus another camera on something you do? Cooking? Or perhaps unpacking a new gadget? All is possible with Live.

1. Enter Live Studio

If you’re not sure how to start, please check this tutorial

Now, all we need to do is add a new camera. Make sure it’s already plugged in to your computer.

Supported cameras:

  1. We support USB web cameras

  2. You also can use a virtual camera

  3. Or, using 3rd party apps, you can hook up your smartphone as a web camera (see Camo Studio)

2. Add a camera

Locate “Add Camera” button below the viewport. Click it, you’ll see the available cameras, excluding the one you’re already using.

3. Almost done!

Now you have an extra camera in the studio. Just add it to the scene!

Performance and multiple cameras

Remember, the more cameras or other feeds you have, the higher the workload on the studio will be. We’ll do our best to optimize streaming performance, but everything depends on a network bandwidth, number of cameras, and your computer capabilities.

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