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How to Add Background Music to Your Stream

Add some pleasant sound to your livestream. Check out the default audio from media, use our stock library or upload your own music.

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With Streaming, you can easily add background music to your live stream, from chill jazz to energetic electronic music.

How to use it

Inside the streaming studio, go to the Media and scroll down to the Background Music section. You can use default music or press + button and upload your own mp3 files.

To play and pause the music press the Play button. You can rewind the song by pressing on the timeline.

Regulate volume with the slider and press the Loop button to make the song repeat or end once it’s finished.

Add from stock audio library

Besides default and uploaded audio, you can use our stock library with royalty-free music. Go to My projects and create Blank video in the editor.

While you are in the editor, press Audio on the right menu to open the music stock library browser. Choose any category or use the search bar to find a desired piece of music.

As soon as you find the music you like, hover over it, and click the “…” button. Press Send to Live Streaming Studio and choose your brand.

Now you can find and use this piece of music in the Background Audio section of your stream Media.

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