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Internet speed requirements for live streaming

Clear up the difference between upload and download internet speed.

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It is required to have a good internet connection to produce high-quality live streams. There are two crucial moments for streamers to take care of for a good quality of their streams.

  • Upload internet speed

  • Download internet speed

Let's figure out what it stands for and how to do your best to have a smooth streaming experience.

Upload internet speed

An essential component of streaming is a high speed of upload speed. The more cameras and screen shares you have on your side, the higher upload speed you need.

For example, if you have only one camera and share your screen, the minimum speed we recommend considering is 1Mb per second.

Note: if the upload speed is lower, it would still work, but we doubt that your viewers would be satisfied with it and keep watching.

Download internet speed

Download speed is important for streamers as it is a stream that returns the response from the watchers' side. With download information, you get feedback from the chat and keep track of donations while streaming.

Most internet service providers set the download speed higher than the upload speed, which is enough for streamers to keep in touch with the audience instantly without glitches.

How to check my internet speed?

On the Internet, there are many tools to check your internet speed. We can recommend the following:

  • M-Lab's Speed Test

  • Speedtest by Ookla

  • FAST

Read our "What is a Good Upload Speed for Live Streaming" article to find more helpful information about the internet speed and live stream correlation.

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