How to test your stream before going live

Make sure that everything is ready for you to go live

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Both livestream newbies and experienced streamers from time to time might be insecure if they are ready to go live. Testing the skills is really helpful in such cases.

For some people testing the stream before going live might not be an obvious option, but with, you can easily do it.

Test #1: Record only mode

Sometimes there is no need to go LIVE to test all the prepared scenes and tools in studio. Just use record-only mode; it gives you access to all the features and tools of the studio without being seen by anyone.

  1. Click on the New Stream button;

  2. Enter a title for the stream;

  3. Choose Create recording button.

Right ahead, you'll enter the studio. At the right top corner, click on the Start recording button and perform as if you are live in front of your audience.

To know more about record mode, see also:

Test #2: Private YouTube streams

If you have YouTube as one of the destinations, you can always change the privacy policy and switch between going live public or private.

To go live privately, everything you have to do is:

  1. Setup live stream

  2. Name it

  3. Choose preferred destination

Private YouTube streams

If you choose YouTube, you can change visibility settings directly in

  1. Enable YouTube channel destination

  2. Click on the Edit button

  3. Open Visibility menu

  4. Choose Private option

  5. Save changes

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