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How to enable live stream teleprompter in studio?
How to enable live stream teleprompter in studio?

Help yourself with teleprompter. No more stumbling over words or losing a line of thought. Make your streams go smooth.

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We know that hosting a live or presenting a project might be stressful. With teleprompter feature, say goodbye to stumbling over words, losing your train of thought, or awkwardly glancing off-screen. With the teleprompter's user-friendly interface and intuitive controls, you'll maintain a natural connection with your audience while maintaining a polished and professional appearance.

In this article, we will cover everything you need to know about the teleprompter feature. We'll go together through all the steps of setting up the teleprompter and customizing it to your needs.

Turn on Teleprompter

  1. On the right-side panel, choose the Teleprompter section.

  2. Here you can see a special window for the text. You can either put in the whole text of your speech or just several lines with hints and keywords.

  3. Then click on the Show button so the text appears on your screen over the visuals.

Once you go live, click on Play to run the text.

The text is visible only in the host mode. Your audience sees it as a regular stream.

Customize the text teleprompter is quite flexible. You can adjust it to your needs and make it not a destruction but a helpful tool.

There are three customization options:

  • Font size

  • Speed

  • Margin

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