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Facebook Groups API Deprecation
Facebook Groups API Deprecation
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On April 22, 2024 Facebook removed all 3rd party apps in groups. Unfortunately, this means you will not be able to add your Facebook group as a destination to your account, and stream directly to it. Don’t worry, there are still other ways to live stream to Facebook.

Stream to Facebook Page or Profile

One workaround is to stream to your Facebook Page or Profile, and share this stream into your group directly on Facebook!

Setup new livestream, choose option Schedule for later ..., then select your Facebook Page or profile as destination and click Create Live Stream

Then open your Page and from the Page open Page Events, find just created event and click on it.

Then click share button and select Share to a group

Connect to an already created stream in the group

You can use our Custom RTMP feature to connect to an already created event in your group. When using this feature you will not be able to receive comments or a live viewer count from Facebook in your studio.

Create the Event in your Facebook Group

Navigate to Events in your group and click Create Event

Fill all the information and select Facebook Live

Connect the event to

After you created the event, open it and click Set up live video

Select Streaming Software and then copy Stream Key and Server URL

Then in Wave go to Destinations and add new Custom RTMP destination and enter the Stream Key, Server URL and name for the destination.

Then setup new live stream and use this custom destination as one of your streaming destinations.

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