How can I add music to my video?

Browse the stock music library, upload your own soundtracks or record the voiceover right inside the editor. Learn how.

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To make your video more compelling, it's a good idea to add an audio track to it.

In, you can:

  • search the built-in audio library. There are 300,000 royalty-free audio tracks available in it

  • upload your own audio files

  • record the voiceover right in the editor

In order to add an audio file from the library, head over to the step "Add Music". To make things easier for you, we have preselected some categories that you can click through. You can also just type in your search in the search field.

You can also listen to the track before adding it to your video. If you like a particular audio file, you can mark it with the star sign. This way, it will be added to the tab "Favorites", and you will be able to easily find it in the future.

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