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HubSpot + Integration
HubSpot + Integration

Learn how to use’s HubSpot integration.

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With HubSpot + integration, you can upload your videos directly to the File Manager in HubSpot without leaving the video maker. 

Keep in mind that this integration requires both and HubSpot accounts.

How to upload your project to HubSpot

  1. To export your video to HubSpot, navigate to the step “Publish” and render your video.

2. Choose HubSpot from the list of integrations and connect your account.

To connect your HubSpot account, follow the instructions in the popup window.

3. Add a title for your video.
Once you connect your HubSpot account, you will be able to add a title for your video. The length limit is 255 symbols.

Voilà! The video has been uploaded to the file manager in your HubSpot account. To watch the uploaded video, click the button "Show on HubSpot".

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