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What is "video rendering"?

In this article, you'll learn what happens when you render your videos

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Once you created a video in, you'll need to render it in order to be able to share it on social media or download it directly to your computer.

During rendering, converts raw material into a final video. In other words, it's the process of putting and glueing all the elements of your video together to produce a video project.

Why do I need to re-render my video?

Every time you make any changes to a video, you'll need to re-render it again. This way, you ensure that you download the latest version of the video.

If your video has been embedded and you made any changes to it, in order for it to be updated everywhere it's embedded, you'll need to re-render it again, too. Otherwise, it will show as Draft on the My Videos page.

Read more about the different states of video here.

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