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How much am I going to pay for hosted videos?
How much am I going to pay for hosted videos?

Learn more about pricing for your hosted videos

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Embedded videos

With every plan, you can create as many videos as you want. You can upload and store all the videos you need, right on the platform. This also counts for the new videos that you create in the editor.

However, when it comes to the number of embedded videos, there are some differences between subscription plans. 

This is how many embedded videos are included free of charge with each plan: 

  • Free – 5 videos

  • Streamer – 20 videos

  • Creator – 20 videos

  • Business – 200 videos

For Free plan this is the hard limit. On the Streamer, Creator and Business plan, you will be able to buy more embedded videos, should there be a need. You will be charged 20¢ per month for every additional embedded video.

Read more about embedded videos here.


Each plan also has the following amount of traffic included:

  • Free — 10 GB per month

  • Streamer – 150 GB per month

  • Creator — 150 GB per month

  • Business — 500 GB per month

After that, you will be charged for every additional 1 Gb of traffic.

Please note: Free plan will not be able to purchase additional bandwidth.


Let's say you are on the Business plan. It costs $99 when charged monthly. With the Business plan, you can create as many videos as you want in the editor. From all the videos that you create and upload to, you can embed 200 videos free of additional charge. Once you run out of embeddable videos and want to embed more, we will charge you 1¢ per months for every additional embedded video.

Phew! Do you have more questions about pricing for hosting? Contact us directly at

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