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Easy-to-use and free online video editor — perfect for beginners and pros. Combine video clips, add auto-generated subtitles, use video templates, add text to video, and more! has taken my business to the next level
Everything you need to video marketing
Amazing video creator and keeps getting better

Video editing made intuitive and effective

  • Edit videos the way you want has all the needed tools for efficient and easy online video editing. Resize and trim videos, combine clips, change layouts, apply color filters, add text animations, stickers, transitions, and more!

  • Add captions and subtitles

    Add auto-generated captions and custom subtitles to your videos effortlessly with’s captioning feature!Our tool converts speech to text and automatically creates editable subtitles for videos within minutes. Customize the look and feel of your captions by changing their color, font, background, and size.

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  • Explore our built-in stock library

    Take your video editing to the next level with our extensive built-in library of stock videos, images, and audio tracks. Get high-quality assets for your videos from top-rated stock providers for free or at a discounted price. title to create a perfect video thumbnail. Ensure people watch your videos instead of skipping them!

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  • Add music and voiceover to videos

    Add music and voiceover to videos

    Enrich your videos with matching background music and special sounds. Record a voiceover right in the editor or generate it using our AI-powered text-to-speech feature with dozens of voice and language options.

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  • Make the most of video templates

    Want to save time on video editing? has 1000+ professionally designed free video templates that you can use for all your creative endeavors! All video templates are completely customizable and tailored to various industries and use cases.

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  • Easily create video thumbnails

    Easily create video thumbnails

    Create compelling thumbnails with our thumbnail maker to ensure people watch your videos instead of skipping them. Get creative with such features as fast and accurate background remover, online image resizer, transparent PNG maker, and more!

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Everything you need to edit your videos

  • Start from scratch or pick a template
    Start from scratch or pick a template

    Get started from a blank canvas, upload your own videos, or choose from 1000+ pre-designed video templates. Take your video creation to the whole next level!
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  • Mix-and-match media
    Mix-and-match media

    Mix, merge, and swap multiple types of media to find the best match. Combine images, footage, and audio to create unmatched video content for your audience.
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  • Branded look-and-feel
    Branded look-and-feel

    With our cloud-based video editor, you’ll save time when giving your videos a recognizable look. Create branded presets of fonts, colors, and watermarks to apply to your projects.
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  • Instant video resizer
    Instant video resizer

    Depending on your target social media platform, create multi-format videos with ready-to-use aspect ratio presets. Easily resize your videos in a few clicks.
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  • Eye-catching layouts
    Eye-catching layouts

    Put clips side by side, create video collages, add a device or circle frame to your video, and more! Outstanding video design made simple with our collection of stunning layouts.
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  • Animated GIF maker
    Animated GIF maker

    Instantly turn any fragment of your video into an animated GIF with Share GIFs on social media platforms or embed them into emails for more engagement.
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  • Advanced text editor and effects
    Advanced text editor and effects

    ke text in your video remarkable with a wide range of beautiful fonts and text animations. Perfect for video creators of all levels!
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  • Smooth video transitions
    Smooth video transitions

    Glue several frames together to get a movie-like video story using our collection of video transitions. Creating and editing professional-looking videos has never been easier!
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  • Stickers and GIFs
    Stickers and GIFs

    Want to edit a video in a fun and creative way? Add animated stickers and GIFs on top of your videos to connect with your audience emotionally and drive engagement.
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  • Logo animation
    Logo animation

    Add watermark to your videos to give them a recognizable, consistent look. Make your video ads and promo videos stand out among the competitors with animated logos.
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  • Royalty-free audio tracks
    Royalty-free audio tracks

    Upload your favorite tune or browse the library of royalty-free music and audio tracks to make your video sound great. Merge video and audio into one piece of amazing content.
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  • Built-in voiceover
    Built-in voiceover

    Help your video content to reach broader audience by adding a voiceover. Record and fine-tune a voiceover track right inside our online video editing software, without any third-party tools.
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