Instagram to MP4
HD Video Downloader

Yearning to download that funny clip you made on Instagram? Do you want to repurpose your brand’s video content on Instagram but can’t do it without a significant loss of video quality? Export the best MP4 HD quality video from Instagram to your device using the video downloader tool offered by Wave.video.

Why Choose Wave.video Instagram to MP4 HD Video Downloader?

  • Unlimited downloads and conversions

    Unlimited downloads and conversions

    Download and convert as many Instagram videos as you’d like to MP4 HD quality. No limits, and the tool keeps getting better.
  • Completely web-based

    Completely web-based

    Intimidated by complex specs requirements or concerned one more app installation would overwhelm your computer? Worry less; the Instagram to MP4 HD video downloader is a web application; you only need a computer and a reliable internet connection to download any Instagram video.
  • Easy to use

    Easy to use

    Get high-quality MP4 HD videos from Instagram even if you’ve never used an Instagram video downloader. The intuitive design takes out all the intricacies so you can focus on the only thing that matters, downloading the best quality MP4 HD video.
  • Integrated video editor

    Integrated video editor

    Take your new creation further. Cut out frames you don’t like, add extra tracks or voiceovers for the extra drama, and burn-in subtitles into the Instagram video with your custom brand colors. Do this and more via the free video editor without ever leaving your browser.

How to Download an Instagram MP4 HD Video

  • Step 1. Copy the Instagram video’s link

    Step 1. Copy the Instagram video’s link

    Log onto your Instagram account and copy the video’s link. You can do this by going to the video, clicking the three horizontal dots at the top right corner, and selecting the “Copy link” option.
    If you’re on mobile, go to the video you want to download, tap the three vertical dots and copy the link. Transfer this link to a computer since Wave.video only works on PCs and Macs.

  • Step 2. Paste the URL

    Step 2. Paste the URL

    Paste the YouTube URL into the box on the top of this page and click the “Download MP4” button. If you want to save the video to your Wave.video account and customize, host, or stream it, click on the “Save and edit video” button.

  • Step 3. Download the video

    Step 3. Download the video

    Now, the video will be automatically converted to MP4 format and saved to your device for you to use. Enjoy!

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I download HD-quality videos from Instagram?
Identify the best Instagram video downloader that suits your needs. Give extra attention to the output quality.
With a tool like Wave.video, simply copy the Instagram video link and post it on the tool. Choose the highest resolution quality available on your plan and download it.
Why is MP4 blurry on Instagram?
If it’s an MP4 video upload from your device, your camera might be the culprit. Take a look at the settings and adjust them if possible.
MP4 video can also be blurry on Instagram due to a weak network connection. MP4 files require more data to load, and to ensure the app runs optimally, Instagram loads a lower-quality video by default.
Furthermore, if you have data saver on, it could be prompting Instagram to load lower-quality video on your feed.
Are Instagram downloaders illegal?
No, they aren’t. However, what you do with them could be illegal.
You should only download videos that you own or have exclusive copyrights to. You can also download other people’s videos if they’ve given you permission to use and modify them.
Anything else amounts to a breach of Instagram’s user policy and is illegal in most jurisdictions, so keep that in mind.
How do I find my Instagram video download link?
Once you’ve identified the video you want to download, tap or click the three vertical or horizontal dots at the top right corner of the video.
Look for the “Copy link” option in the dropdown menu and select it.
Instagram video download without watermark
Most watermarks are burn-in, meaning there’s no way to remove them without compromising the video’s quality. However, there are exceptions.
If the watermark is on the video’s extreme edges, you can easily crop it out using the free video editor on Wave.video.
Otherwise, you’ll have to record the entire video footage using your device’s inbuilt screen recorder or another third-party app. Still, you’ll have to edit the output to ensure the video is of high quality.