Live Streaming Platform — Intuitive and Powerful

Wave.video platform offers an intuitive and powerful web-based Live Streaming Studio. Stream live or broadcast pre-recorded videos to multiple channels simultaneously, easily invite guests, and amaze your audience with authentic branded broadcasts. Enjoy our set of essential tools for reaching and engaging audiences on multiple social platforms while making your broadcasts memorable. Add some fun using multiple movable and resizable cameras, build-in styles and transitions, and much more. Plan the flow of your live events with custom scenes, screen shares, and scene transitions that can be prepared in advance.



Expand your reach and get more views by streaming live to multiple platforms at once! Easily view and reply to your audience’s comments from all destinations right in the live studio.

Stream overlays maker

Stream overlays maker

Ensure brand recognition and increase audience engagement with beautiful custom overlays, layouts, and graphics for your live streams. Personalize ready-to-use templates or create your own stunning designs hassle-free.

Thumbnail maker

Thumbnail maker

Create unskippable thumbnails for your live streams that will make viewers click. Add text to images, apply eye-catching layouts, remove background from images, beautify your video cover with GIFs and stickers, and more!

Facebook live stream

Feature-packed multistreaming software for Facebook right in your browser. Create top-grade broadcasts, make colorful presentations, and host captivating live shows with Wave.video streaming.

YouTube live stream

Meet Wave.video’s powerful web-based live streaming software for YouTube. Everything you need to create high-quality YouTube broadcasts, engage, and amaze your viewers is combined in a single online broadcasting tool.

Live streaming software

No matter where your audience is, connect with them online. Talk, educate, engage, learn and bring overall experience as close to real live as possible. Wave.video - integrated affordable solution for all your video needs

Video recording

Recording of videos or screen recordings is an enjoyable experience in Wave.video on-line Studio. Invite guests, partners or clients to record testimonials, podcasts and promotional videos. Use multiple cameras, screenshares, personalizes creatives and audio library to achieve polished results.

Live stream chat

Convenient live stream chat. Сommunicate with your audience and team in real-time. Instantly get all comments from all channels to the cross-platform chat box.

Live streaming studio

A complete live streaming studio for streamers who seek to quickly set up and launch cross-channel, unforgettable, branded broadcasts.

Webcam recorder

Easily record engaging webcam sessions with Wave.video webcam recorder. It’s simple to work with and paired with a powerful video editor. Get started today.

Online Meetings

Connect, collaborate, and communicate effortlessly with our free online video conferencing platform. Host or join web meetings, share screens, and engage with teams and clients worldwide. Experience seamless virtual communication today!

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