Video Transition Effects to Make Your Videos Stand Out

Seamlessly merge video clips together with animated transition effects. Choose from 15+ transition styles available right in the online video editor.

What is a video transition?

Video transitions are added to video clips during post production. Transition effects help you blend one shot into another and conceal cuts between scenes.

How to add transition effects to videos

  • Step 1. Get your videos ready.

    Step 1. Get your videos ready.

    Upload videos or create new ones with hundreds of ready-made video templates and stock assets.

  • Step 2. Merge videos together.

    Step 2. Merge videos together.

    Combine multiple video clips and images into one video by using the “+” button on the video timeline.

  • Step 3. Add transitions between the clips.

    Step 3. Add transitions between the clips.

    Click the “><” button between the videos to apply transition animations. Choose from 15+ animated effects and customize their appearance.

  • Step 4. Share or download the video.

    Step 4. Share or download the video.

    Proceed to the Publish step and render your video. Then, share it to social media, set up a video landing page, embed it into websites and emails, or download.

Ready-made templates with stunning transitions

Click on any video template to customize it for your business and use case.

Why Your Video Needs Transitions

Merge two video clips seamlessly

Merge two video clips seamlessly

Simple transitions such as cut and fade blend two pieces of footage together, ensuring a smooth and enjoyable watching experience.

Grab viewers’ attention

Grab viewers’ attention

More creative animations like glitch effect or ink transitions can give hour videos a unique, trendy look. A perfect way to hook your audience!

Set the pace and mood

Set the pace and mood

The length of each scene and the transitions between them affect the feel of your video. Use quick cuts and buoyant effects for a vibrant feel. Or take it slower with smooth transitions and close up shots.

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Tips to Using Video Transitions Like a Pro

  • Choose transitions that match your video style

    Choose transitions that match your video style

    Use dynamic transitions for energetic, fast-paced videos. Such videos work best as ads and engaging social media content. Other video types require transitions that are more subtle and smooth to create a relaxing, calming feel.
  • Don’t get carried away

    Don’t get carried away

    Animated transitions are fun and engaging, but try to resist the temptation to use every one of them in your video. It’s better to choose one or two transition effects that best match your video project and stick to them.
  • Try a creative approach

    Try a creative approach

    Do you want your video to look like the next Pixar animation? Geometric transitions combined with colorful video backgrounds can give your videos a unique look that will wow your audience.
  • Use the video effects consistently

    Use the video effects consistently

    Make sure that your video doesn’t overwhelm the user with a crazy mix of all possible animation effects. Find animations that have a similar feel and use them consistently across different elements of your video. For example, apply a spin animation to an animated sticker and use the circle transition to glew the videos together.
  • Sometimes you don’t need any transitions

    Sometimes you don’t need any transitions

    Sometimes using no transition can make your video even more unique and eye-catching. Try combining several static images into a video clip and remove all transition effects between them. You’ll be amazed at how gripping such a simple video can be!

Frequently Asked Questions

What types of video transitions are available in transitions pack includes over 15 video effects, including cross dissolve, doorway, swipe, blur, mirror, circle, scale, and other transition styles. Read more about different transition types on blog.
Do I need video editing skills to use editor?
You don’t have to be an Adobe Premiere Pro expert to use It has a very intuitive interface yet powerful functionality. We believe that everyone can create awesome videos with stunning yet simple transition effects.
Other than transitions, what video effects can I apply to videos? editor comes with plenty of video editing options. Apply stylish text animations. Add animated graphics, stickers, and GIFs on top videos. Use awesome animated layouts to make your videos look unique.