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Learn how to record a great voiceover and add it to your video in just a few clicks. Automatically turn your voice into captions and subtitles using the built-in video editor.


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Why Your Video Needs a Voice-over

Add a personal touch
Add a personal touch

When the viewers hear your voice, they are more likely to emotionally connect with your brand and products.

Improve video accessibility
Improve video accessibility

Just like captions and subtitles, narration voice ensures that your video is accessible to everyone including people with visual impairment.

Boost your message
Boost your message

A good voice-over can help you increase conversions as it brings more trust and authenticity into the call-to-action.

How to add voiceover to video: Step-by-step guide

  • Step 1.
    Step 1.

    To give your video a voiceover, open up the Wave.video platform, upload the footage that needs your voice and get it ready for editing.

  • Step 2.
    Step 2.

    Nearby the Play button, find the mic icon and click on it. You can either upload a ready audio file from your computer or record your voice message right inside the editor.

  • Step 3.
    Step 3.

    To start the voiceover recording, make sure Wave.video can access your laptop’s mic and get ready to speak up.

  • Step 4.
    Step 4.

    Record your message and hit Add voice once ready. The audio file will appear as a separate track on the timeline underneath your video.

  • Step 5.
    Step 5.

    You can trim unwanted parts of the track and adjust it on the timeline to sync up the voiceover and video perfectly.

  • Step 6.
    Step 6.

    To make your speech sound through the silent mode, turn it into captions! You’ll find this option on the left-side toolbar.

Frequently Asked Questions
What is a voice over?
A voice over is an audio recording of someone speaking that is played in a video while the speaker is not visible on screen. This voice provides additional information, narrates the action, or sets the tone of the video.
How do I make a video with voice over?
To make a video with voice over using Wave.video, firstly you need to upload your video to the platform or create a new one. Then you can record a voice-over right in the editor, upload an existing recording, or automatically generate voice from text.
Which video editor is best for voice over?
There are many decent video editors out there, but Wave.video is certainly one of the top options when it comes to adding a voice over to video. With this voice over editor, you can not only record a voice over, but also generate voice from text, add music, sound effects, and more!
How do I make a video with multiple audio tracks?
You can easily make a video with multiple audio tracks using Wave.video’s online video editor. Add up to 3 audio tracks to smoothly combine voice-over, music, and sound effects.
Can I voice over a video on my iPhone?
You can record a voice over for your iPhone video using the iMovie app. But if you want more creative freedom, we suggest uploading your video to a third-party voice over editor like Wave.video.