Webcam Recorder

Make the most out of your webcam sessions. Collaborate better with colleagues or create personalized, engaging content for your audience. All these benefits are packed in one tool, Wave.video webcam recorder. It’s free, easy to use, and the output unmatched. Get started today and experience more productivity and positive outcomes with your projects or work.

Webcam Recorder

Why Choose Wave.video Webcam Recorder?

  • Multiple format support
    Multiple format support

    Record your webcam, knowing you can generate the output in different file formats. This way, you can accommodate everyone in your audience. Wave.video supports most major file formats, so you never leave anyone behind with your creation.

  • Auto-captions

    Make it easy for colleagues or the general audience to follow through with what you say on the webcam. Quickly generate captions automatically and hardcode them if you want to via the built-in advanced video editor.

  • Media player
    Media player

    Catch any blank or inappropriate footage by previewing it on the same tab as the webcam recorder. Give it a while after you hit the stop button or after some editing and review the footage to avoid missing anything.

  • Web-based

    Record webcams without ever worrying about storage space limitations or that your device won’t handle an extra software installation. Grab a set of headphones with a powerful mic, connect your computer to the internet, and you’re ready to create amazing webcams.

  • Free hosting
    Free hosting

    Never worry about losing your webcam recording, whether it’s a power outage while you’re recording or a storage device malfunction. Just remember to sign in to your Wave.video account or sign up for a free one before hitting the record button.

  • Safe to use
    Safe to use

    Focus on creating webcams, knowing your safety online is guaranteed. Wave.video webcam recorder is free of adware, malware or trojans and we’ll never sell your data.

How to Use Our Webcam Recorder:

  • Step 1. Select a recording layout

    Step 1. Select a recording layout

    Choose whether you want to record your screen, your webcam, or both. Each option works best for different scenarios, so go with what works best for your situation.

  • Step 2. Hit the record button

    Step 2. Hit the record button

    Once you’ve selected a recording layout, look for the unmistakable record button in red and click once to start recording the webcam.

  • Step 3. Edit and share

    Step 3. Edit and share

    Show your best self, and cut out unnecessary or blank footage to reduce the file size. Auto-transcribe and hardcode captions to your webcam recording.
    Publish the best version and download it to your device or share directly via social media, email, or other video-sharing platforms.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I record from my webcam?
First, decide which webcam recorder you’re going to use. Consider things like user safety, associated costs, native installation, or web-based, among others.
Once you have a winner, say Wave.video, simply load it up, choose an appropriate layout and start recording.
Edit the recording, download it to your device, or share it with others.
What is a good webcam recorder?
Preferably, it should meet the following criteria:
It should be easy to use for all users across the board. Anyone should be able to load the tool and use it with minimal assistance.
Web-based first to ensure all users, regardless of their device specifications, can utilize the tool and to reduce the need to install more software that may not be applicable for all users.
Safe to use. Everyone should be able to use it without worrying that they’ll be followed around with adware or malware. Privacy and confidentiality with user data should also be a top priority on the platform.
Are webcam recorders safe?
This depends on the webcam recorder you choose. Given the virtually unlimited access to user’s screen data, some webcam recorders are in the business of stealing users’ information under the guise of providing a free service.
At Wave.video, we take our user’s privacy seriously. We only use the data we collect to improve user experience on the platform and never sell users’ data.
Will it work on my computer?
Yes. Wave.video webcam recorder is completely web-based, meaning all you need is a working computer and a reliable internet connection. All the processes are handled by the application’s servers, so none of the operations taxes on your computer’s resources in any way.
Still, your computer should have a decent camera and microphone for you to record anything worthwhile.