Online Thumbnail Maker: Create a Video Thumbnail in Minutes

A catchy thumbnail is the most effective way to get more clicks and engagement for your videos. Learn how to easily make custom thumbnails with free thumbnail creator.

What is a thumbnail?

  • A thumbnail is a static snapshot of your video that viewers see on websites and social media platforms like YouTube and Facebook.
  • Informative and attractive thumbnails help the audience get an idea of what the video will be about and boost views.

How to Make a Thumbnail

  • Step 1. Upload or create a video.

    Step 1. Upload or create a video.

    Upload your video, create a new one with hundreds of professionally designed video templates, or start from scratch.

  • Step 2. Choose a thumbnail.

    Step 2. Choose a thumbnail.

    Click on a video and go to the Player tab. Start playing the video, then pause it on the scene you like. Click "Use current frame" — this is going to be your thumbnail. You can also upload a custom thumbnail. Just click on the “Upload Thumbnail” button.

  • Step 3. Customize the thumbnail.

    Step 3. Customize the thumbnail.

    Boost views and engagement by adding a play button on top of your thumbnail. To do so, hop on to the Email Campaign tab and tick the box “Play button”. You can change the button’s color in the Player tab.

  • Step 4. Download your thumbnail.

    Step 4. Download your thumbnail.

    When you’re done customizing, click download to save the thumbnail to your computer or device.

Why Your Video Needs
a Great Thumbnail

Maximize video views

Maximize video views

Thumbnail is an essential part of any video because it grasps attention and entices your audience to click through to your video.

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Provide more context

Provide more context

A good thumbnail reflects your video’s subject and helps viewers decide if your video is relevant to their interests and goals.

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Ensure brand consistency

Ensure brand consistency

Every business with a YouTube or Instagram page knows how important thumbnails are in sustaining the visual style and making their feed look amazing.

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Youtube Thumbnail Design Tips for Catching Attention

  • The ingredients of a great Youtube thumbnail
    The ingredients of a great Youtube thumbnail

    An eye catching Youtube video thumbnail consists of these graphic design elements: images or graphics, text, and a thumbnail background.

  • Youtube thumbnail size
    Youtube thumbnail size

    Make sure that your thumbnail has a resolution of 1280 by 720 pixels and looks good even when expanded to full screen. Max file size is 2MB.

  • Choose a thumbnail background wisely
    Choose a thumbnail background wisely

    Make sure to use a background that doesn’t distract the viewer’s attention from text and graphics and works well with other videos on your Youtube channel.

  • Don’t use too much text
    Don’t use too much text

    Be concise. Tell your audience what the video is about but don’t overwhelm them with too many words. This will help your video reach more viewers and keep their attention longer.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I create a Youtube thumbnail with
Yes,’s online YouTube thumbnail maker functionality allows you to create catchy thumbnails for Youtube. Upload your video, and customize it with text, graphics and stickers using a simple drag and drop interface.
What is the best YouTube thumbnail size?
A perfect Youtube thumbnail has a resolution of 1280 pixels by 720 pixels and keeps within the 2MB limit. This size uses the 16:9 aspect ratio, which is one of the most used thumbnail dimensions in the Youtube player.
What is the maximum amount of text to include on a thumbnail?
There are no limits to how much text you can add as long as it is easy to read and conveys your video’s idea. However, studies show that social media posts with thumbnails with less than 20% text perform best.