Animated text on your videos

Create professional-looking videos and ads with animated text in minutes. Engage your audience with stylish text effects and animations. Make your text move using demo

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Easily edit and publish your videos

Easily edit and publish your videos

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Repurpose and promote your content

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Why animate your text in

  • Animated text and CTAs

    Use professional-looking text animations and calls-to-action with no design skills required. Your video is bound to look gorgeous and attract attention, no matter what.

  • Stylish text animations

    Make your video stand out with text. Add text effects and change the font color to match your brand. 24 beautiful text animations available.

  • Best app for animated text

    Create promo videos and ads with animated text for social media, your website or blog. Use the power of video for your business: it's easy with!

Tips for adding animated text to your videos

  • Less is more

    When adding animated text to your videos, the golden rule is not to overwhelm your viewers with text. Instead, use it as a complementary instrument and only post the essential information.
  • Stick to two fonts

    Do you want to use a fancy font for your text on video? While sophisticated fonts might look great in print, they might be difficult to read in a video. It’s a good idea to stick to just two simpler fonts that your audience will be able to read quickly enough.
  • Give your readers enough time to read the text

    Make sure your animated text stays on the screen long enough for your audience to grasp it. Don’t move on to the next scene too fast.
  • Don’t use too many different text animation styles

    While it is possible to use 24 different text animations in, it’s best to stick to just one or two text animation styles for one video. Otherwise, your audience might feel overwhelmed, and it will be harder to focus on the message.
  • Be consistent with your colors

    If your animated text comes with decorations (i.e., frames, highlights, background), it’s a good idea to stay consistent with your text colors throughout the video. The rule of thumb is to go with your brand colors. But there is always room for experiment!
Tips for adding animated text to your videos

Animated text video examples

  • National America Recycles Day
  • National Nachos Day
  • 5 Steps to a Healthier Life