Add automatic captions and custom subtitles to your videos

Captioning videos is a simple yet effective way to reach more viewers and increase engagement for your content. Add auto-generated captions and custom subtitles to your videos effortlessly with’s automatic captioning feature.

Why is captioning videos important?

  • Provide flexible watching experience
    Provide flexible watching experience

    Captions make video useful when a person is watching it with the sound off or in a noisy environment that obscures the sound. Adding text to videos helps ensure you get your message across to your audience.

  • Boost SEO and ranking
    Boost SEO and ranking

    Captioning video content can boost your brand’s search engine results and help your page to be indexed.

  • Ensure accessibility
    Ensure accessibility

    Captions and subtitles make it possible for people with hearing and learning disabilities to watch and engage with your videos.

  • Localize content
    Localize content

    Video captioning makes it easier to localize your content to suit different geographical areas and improve comprehension for foreign-language speakers.

  • Compensate for poor audio quality or background noise
    Compensate for poor audio quality or background noise

    Captions help compensate for background noise in your video or poor audio quality.

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Turn speech into text in 3 easy steps

  • Step 1. Create or upload a video

    Upload your video to or create a new one using the platform’s online video maker.

  • Step 2. Automatically generate captions

    Use the captioning feature that will convert voice to text and automatically create subtitles for your video. You can also upload your custom subtitles file in .srt or .vtt format.

  • Step 3. Customize captions to match your brand

    Customize the look and feel of your captions by changing their color, font, and size. Make them match your brand style to achieve visual consistency.

Tips for captioning your videos

1. Break captions up evenly

Make your captions easier and quicker to read by breaking them up into even line lengths.

2. Ensure the readability

Make sure that the viewers have enough time to read and understand your subtitles. On average, subtitles should not exceed 170 wpm (words per minute) and, if possible, be kept to a maximum of 140 wpm.

3. Avoid obscuring important content

Choose the size and background for your subtitles that won’t let them obscure important elements in your video.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will I be charged for using the captioning feature? users with a Business plan subscription get 200 minutes of captioning each month at no extra cost. After exceeding this limit, they get charged 5 cents per minute.
Can I edit automatically generated captions?
Yes, you can edit auto-generated captions, as well as customize the way they look by changing their color, font, and size.
Can I download my video with the captions in it?
Absolutely! users can easily download their captioned videos in .mp4 format to the computer.
What languages does captioning support?
At the moment, the following languages are supported for auto-generated captions: US English, Australian English, British English, Indian English, Irish English, Scottish English, Welsh English, Spanish, US Spanish, Portuguese, Brazilian Portuguese, French, Canadian French, Dutch, German, Swiss German, Chinese Mandarin — Mainland, Indonesian, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Malay, Russian, Turkish.
Can I download auto-generated captions?
The answer is yes! You can download automatically generated captions as SRT or VTT files.
How can I burn the captions into my video?
You can burn captions into your video by simply choosing this option in the settings menu. This will make captions a part of the video that can’t be turned off.

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